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  •  CONGRATULATIONS to Master Hobbs on winning a Gold Medal at the British Taekwondo National Championships recently.  He became champion for the 2nd year running.


 Older news:

  • Master Worsfold is investigating the British Taekwondo initiative 'Kicksister' aimed at encouraging more woman to become more active in sports.  This is partly funding by the Sports Council and is aimed at woman over 14 irrespective of whether they are interested or have background in Martial Arts.  More details to follow.
  • Master Ajibode and Worsfold had a very successful and creative meeting with the President of British Taekwondo at their head office.  The President sends his warmest regards to all AWTC students and would like to remind all Members that all of the benefits of being a British Taekwondo member are open to everyone.  To this end it is worth staying up to date with the British Taekwondo/GB Taekwondo website to keep abreaast of all that is going on.
  • Don't forget the Martial Arts Summer Camp in Bude from 9 - 16 August
  • The Annual Membership has unfortunately increased by £2.  Membership will now cost £37.00 per annum.
  • The next Kyup Grading should be at the beginning of August.  tbc 
  • Congratulations to Mr Guy Manners (3rd Dan) who has recently become engaged.  We wish him well. 
  • A big thank you from Callum Worsfold to all those who sponsored him in the London marathon.  He posted a time of 3 hrs 27 mins 5 sec.  His first marathon.  Thus far he has raised £3,300 for Parkinsons UK.  All told Parkinsons UK had 225 runners and in total they have raised over £315,000
  • Master Yoon is holding a Dan Grading on Sunday 27th April at Kenyngton Manor School between 14.00 hrs and 15.30 hrs.
  • There is a Kyup grading on Saturday 3rd May in Leatherhead Leisure Centre between 13.00 hrs and 14.30 hrs
  •  The 5th Martial Arts Summer Camp is taking place at Upper Lynstone Camp site, Bude, Cornwall between Sat 9 and 16 August 2014.  This is a Free event with no charge for training or instruction.  It is open to all abilities and Martial Arts.  You can train as little or as much as you like.  Mr Jason King, the organiser, is also raising funds to purchase a large marquee so that in future, training can continue even on wet days.  If you feell like helping out and donating please visit his Crowdfunder website.
  • Spitfire Taekwondo are holding one of their regular Sparring Days at the Fight Science Gym, Aldershot between 10.00 & 16.00 hrs on Sunday 23 March 2014.  This time there will be 2 rings and hopefully both the Dorset Taekwondo Association and Overton and Basingstoke Taekwondo will be along as well.  There will also be an opportunity to use Full Electronic scoring and a chance for those that wish to try their hand at officiating, coaching, corner judging and refereeing
  • The Saturday Full Contact sessions are continuing after the All Abilities class (12.30 to 13.15 hrs) for the forseeable future.  Fees are £4 per student (or £2 if you already pay by Standing Order).  Participating students need to wear full protective kit (including groin guards and gum shield).
  • We have been invited, again, to the Hatchford and Downside Village Sports Day on the August Bank Holiday.  Details nearer the time but I hope we can put on a good display as ever
  •  The next AWTC (Surrey) Kyup grade grading will take place at Leatherhead Leisure Centre on Saturday 9th NOvember between 13.00 and 14.30 hrs
  • Congratulations again to Master Hobbs for winning GOLD in the British National Championships in Manchester.  Well done too to Billy Cottee-Read and Alex Clayton who both fought for the first time at this level of event and put in sterling performances
  • Congratulations to Master Hobbs.  He won a Bronze for the 7 strong UK Team who competed in the 2013 World Masters Games in Torino
  • Thanks to all who took part in our 5th Hatchford & Downside Village Sports Day.  A sunny day and a successful demonstration
  • Sadly due to work constraints Master Rowley is unable to continue the Sunday club in Dorking.  We have therefore temprarily closed this Club until further notice.
  • We are sad to announce that, at least in the short term, Ms N Avery (1st Dan) will be leaving us for northern climes.  She is moving to Leeds following a new job contract where she hopes to continue training with another club.
  • As mentioned previously the new T-Shirts and Hooded Sweatshirts are available.  Please see Master Worsfold for details.
  • As before and for the 6th year running.  We have been asked again to provide a Taekwondo demonstration at the Hatchford & Downside Village Sports Day on Bank Holiday Monday 26th August.  More details soon.
  • Congratulations to the 25 students who recently took and passed their Kyup gradings.  There were NO faiilures and acdording the the Examiner the standard has never been higher.  Well done!
  • The new T-shirts and Hooded tracksuit tops are due in shortly.  Make sure you have placed your order.
  • Mr Jason King is organising a multi-disciplined Martial Arts Summer Camp in Bude Cornwall between 10 & 16 Aug.  More details to follow but in our 6th year well worth attending
  • RETURN OF THE JEDI.  As promised Master Liam Grange is coming to Leatherhead Leisure Centre on WEDNESDAY 28th NOVEMBER to hold a shortened version of his Taguek Poomsae Seminar. £10 per head. The seminar will commence at 18.30 in the Mariners suite before moving through to the Tylney Room at 19.00 hrs before finishing at 21.30 hrs.   This is for all grades and abilities.  Master Grange will also lecture during the normal 'Junior' session for their benefit  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!.
    Congratulations on the 6 candidates who took, and passed, their Dan gradings recently.  From AWTC (Surrey):   Mr K Kelly and Mr B Cross both now 2nd Dan's.
    NEW NEW NEW.  Master Rowley has opened a club in Dorking on Sunday evenings, between 4.30 & 6 pm, in the Friends Life, Sports & Social Club, Pixham Lane, DORKING (opposite Denbies entrance).  Go along for extra training and show your support.
  • At last, after a delay, I can re-access this website.  Many apologies for taking so long
  • Congratulations to Master Hobbs in winning a Silver at the National Championships.  He defeated the current National Champion in his first Round.  Hot on the heels of the Olympics this was quite an achievement, with the largest number entrants, over 2 days, ever.
  • Belated thanks to everyone who took part in this years Hatchford & Downside Village Sport Day demonstration & display.  It was well received and have been asked back next year (so practice your board breaking techniques).
  • Master Mark Hayward (4th Dan), co-founder of Spitfire Taekwondo, has moved to Leatherhead.  Some of you have met him already.  We are currently in discussion about running specfic 'sport' taekwondo training sessions.  Initially as part of the Saturday All Abilities session, then as a 1/2 hour add on session before sorting out some regular monthly training session on its own.
  • Master Liam Grange(5th Dan) hopes to run a specfic Tageuk Poomsae training session for us on Sun 28 Oct.  Master Grange is a very, very highly qualified Martial Arts Instructor in a number of disciplines, and this seminar is not to be missed."The seminar will focus mainly om the Taguek poomsae, methods of training in poomsae, the philosophy and symbolism of the Tagueks and the combat applications of some of the moves and principles within the poomsae.  I was envisaging  2 x 2 hr sessions seperated by a theory session/lunch break. followed by a final session for those who wish to practice Dan grade poomsae.  My intention is not to teach the Tageuks, but rather, to explore ways we can maximise the benefit we get from patterns training.  The seminar is therefore suited to anyone who knows at least the 1st pattern.  I would advise higher ranking students bring a pen and notebook.  Anyone wishing to film may do so although not if it is to the detriment of actual training".
  • I hope to be able to run another Martial Arts/Adventure training week in Scotland from Fri 7 to Sat 15 Jun 2013.  If interested please contact Master M Worsfold.
  • Master Worsfold also hopes to do another charity fundraising challengenext Feb/Mar.  This time a kayak through the Everglades Wilderness Waterway.  100 miles in 8 days.  He is seeking volunteers to join him!!!!

  •                                                                                                                                                                                                        A.W.T.C. Tae Kwon Do Club Fight Seminar.

    For all those interested in fighting and competitins we are be holding a fight training day, this will consist of paddle, body armour and kickbag drills, and have the opportunity to have a one-on-one sparring match in full armour under competition conditions, so come along and have a go…

    On: Sunday 1st July 2012

    At: Kenyngton Manor School, Bryony Way, Sunbury, TW16 7QL.

    From: 11-3pm

    Price: £12 for participants

    Please ensure to arrive in pleanty of time to commence the warm up at 11am.

  • Due to the growing nature of the Club, the enlarging catchment area and the unpopularity of the Mole Valley title.  The name is being changed to AWTC (Surrey).  It might take a while, though, to get all the logo's changed.  so please bear with us.
  • Congratulations to all thoses who took their Dan gradings last month.  Full details to follow but well done to:

            Master Rowley      5th Dan

            Master Rogers        5th Dan

            Mr Poplett             3rd Dan

            Mr Taylor              3rd Dan

            Mr Simpson           1st Dan

            Miss F Wright        1st Dan

            Mr Ashworth         1st Dan

            Mr Brewer              1st Dan

  • Master Rowley is shortly to open a Club in Dorking in the Friends Life Sports & Social Club.  Training will be on Tuesdays between 19.30 & 21.00 and Sundays times tbc.  He is holding a trial session on Tuesday 22nd May so please go along to show your support.  There is no charge for this class.
  • The next Colour Belt Grading at Leatherhead Leisure Centre is on Saturday 23rd June at pm.
  • There will be a Fight Day seminar at Kenynyton Manor School on Sunday 24th June.  Details to follow.
  • It is likely that two further Demonstrations are in the offing.  One at St Lawrence Primary school on Sat 19th May and another at the Scouts Fete in Ashstead on Sat 23rd June.  Details to follow.
  • We have been invited to provide 3 Taekwondo Demonstrations over the next few months (See the Calendar for dates and venues).  If anyone wishes to participate please see your Instructor or Mr Kelly, who has volunteerede to be the co-ordinator.
  • Leatherhead Leisure Centre are holding an Olympic Sports OPen weekend.  We have been given the Clubroom for an extra couple of hours.  If anyone wants two hours of extra training for free please come along between 12.30 & 2.30pm (or stay behind after the All Abilities class).
  • The BTCB has been rebranded at 'BRITISH TAEKWONDO'.  For more details see their website.  Logo's and badges etc are being changed as we speak.....

  • Well done to all those who passed the recent grading and particularly to the students who double-graded
  • Congratulataions to all those who participated in the Fight Training Day.  It was a good day with excellent full contact training provided by Mr Berry, competition etiquette and regulations by Master Worsfold and some good bouts by all prticipating students.  The day proved popular and there has benn good feedback.  The format needs as little tweaking but we shall continue to run them on the same lines.  We would also appreciate feedback and suggestions from everyone.

  • As promised there is a Fight Training Seminar at Kenyngton Manor School from 11.00 to 15.00 hrs on Sunday 4th March 2012.

Students - £12    Spectators - £3            (Please arrive early to allow a prompt start at 11)

Training wiil include Warm up/Full contact techniques/WTF rules/Guide to coaching/Basic Centre Referee hand signals/Guide to Corner Judging PLUS a 1 to 1 Full contact bout of 2 rounds.

Limited Protective equipment will be available so it is best if you bring your own where possible (clear/white gumshield must be worn and will not be provided, for obvious reasons)

Bring your up to date BTCB Membership cards if you wish to participate.

Contact your Instructor to register your interest providing your personal details: age/grade/weight (kg)/height (cm)/fight experience/gender/BTCB Membership number

  • There will be a Colour Belt grading at Leatherhead Leisure Centre on Saturday 17th March 2012 from 13.00 hrs.
  • We bid a sad farewell to the Loh family and wish them well  as they return to Singapore after so many years in the UK.
  • Well done to all Students who passed the recent Colour Belt Grading.  Also to Bethany Cross (Gold) and Jacob Bryant (Silver) at the recent Poomsae competition.
  • COMING SOON;  Recently promoted 6th Dan Master Lee Baxter has opened up a gym in Jamaica Road, Bermondsey, LONDON.  He will shortly start Taekwondo training sessions there on Tuesdays between 19.30 and 21.00. Sunday bi-monthly fight training days will also be scheduled in the future.  Watch this space...
  • Grandmaster YOON sends his apologies for the lateness of the Kyup grading certificates.  Unfortunately not only has Mrs YOON been laid up in hospital for a couple of weeks, in Korea; Mrs YOON's mother passed away recently.  So others things have naturally preoccupied their minds.  This will soon be rectified.
  • Well done to Master HOBBS (Gold), Ben CROSS (Bronze) and Kai VEDOVA (Bronze) for their awards at the recent Southern Counties Championships.  Special mention too to Billy COTTEE-READ for his sterling performance.
  • AWTC (Thames Valley) will be hosting an AWTC Poomsae seminar at Kenyngton Manor School in Sunbury on Sun 27th Nov.  British Poomsae Team Captain and Gold medal holder Master POURTAHERI will be instructing.Due to a conflict of dates this has been rescheduled for Sunday 4th December.
  • Well done to Master Hobbs in the European Masters in Italy.  For more information see the BTCB website
  • We bid a sad farewell to the Kyimpopkin clan who have move back to the States (NY).  They have found a club and I hope to see them all with Black belts next time we meet.
  • Farewell too to Mr Gavin Banks (1st Dan) , who has moved south to Chichester.  The rumour is that if he can't find a club to train with he might even open his own.  Best wishes.
  • Congratulations to all those who attended the Dan Grading on Sun 11 Sep. The standard was very high.  Thus far;

         J Greig            1st Poom

         J Rowley         1st Poom

         J Pourtaheri     1st Poom

         E Gillard          1st Dan

         C Cottee         1st Dan

         A Matouk        1st Dan

         O Shaw           2nd Dan

         N Brewer         2nd Dan

         L Moon            3rd Dan

         L Ajibode         6th Dan

         G Hibbs            6th Dan

         (and more to come.  Well done!)

  • Good luck to to Masters Ajibode & Hibbs in the Dan Grading on Sunday 11th Sep.  Also to the Mole Valley participants - J Rowley, J Pourtaheri, A Matouk, J Greig & N Brewer.

  • Thanks and well done to all those who competed in the 14th UTF International Open last Sunday at the K2 Centre, Crawley. 3 Silvers & 3 Bronze from 9 competitors.  Thanks to Master Hobbs, Mr Poplett and Mrs Cross for all their hard work and hlp throughout the day.
  • Tai Chi -

  • Please ensure that your Membership is kept up to date.  The BTCB now imposes a surcharge of £5.00 for memberships overdue less than 3 months and £10 for those overdue longer. To continue training it is essential that your Membership is valid.
  • Congratulations to Natasha Brewer for taking part and completing the 'Race for Life' in Guildford on Sunday 19th June (also to her pet dog who was co-erced around the course)
  • Well done to everyone who took part in the AWTC Inter-club on Sunday 11th.  Whether you won or lost the standard and resolve of everyone participating was outstanding.  Some had very difficult and challenging matches.  Thanks especially to Master Hobb, Mr Kelly and Mrs Cross for helping out all day long.
  • Congratulations to both Billy Cottee-Read and Giles Kalindjian for competing in the Dorset 1 to 1 on Sun 22 May.
  • The forthcoming AWTC Dan Grading and Seminar has been postponed until later in the summer. (Details will be posted on the new dates ASAP).
  • Congratulation to Mr Ali Pourtaheri on passing his 4th Dan
  • Master Worsfold and Mr Charles Brewer have just returned from their succesful climb of Mount Kilimanjaro for charity.  They attempted to hold a training session at the summit but were prevented from doing so by the Mountain Guides.  However people were seen practising Poomsae at various points lower down the mountain!!!
  • Mr Anthony Rodney having moved from London to Devizes is now opening up another AWTC Club there.  Watch this space for details.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Mr Ali Pourtaheri.  He won a Bronze medal at the WTF World Poomsae Championships in Uzebekistan (Last year he managed 10th place; so hopefully next year.....)
  • BLACK BELT GRADINGS  Master Yoon has confirmed the following details regarding Dan gradings  

Grade Taking

Grading Fee

Kukkiwan Cert'


1st Dan



Min 6mths from Black Tag

2nd Dan



Min 1 yr 6 mths from 1st Dan

3rd Dan



Min 2 yrs 6 mths from 2nd Dan

4th Dan



Min 3 years from 3rd Dan

5th Dan



Min 4 years from 4th Dan

  • To support Master Worsfold and the other Mole Valley students in their charity climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in February next year,  we have set up a blog to allow everyone to follow events and provide some input.  The web address is 
  • Mr A POURTAHERI, having just returned from training with Grandmaster Kang in Korea has gone on to win two A class Gold medals for the UK Team in Finland.  Since then he has been selected to represent the UK at the next World Championships and also to take on the appointment of Team Captain.  Well done!  
  • A very successful 'summer' training camp was held in Dorset in August organised by Mr Jason King.  Masters Liam Grange, John Rogers & Mark Worsfold held classes in Tai Chi, Aikido, Taekwondo and Silat, amongst others.  Sessions with Bokken, Jo staff and Escrima sticks were very popular.  The camp site was well appointed, beautifully situated and the weather held off for most of the time.  We hope to hold a similar event next year except maybe the midnight 'training' could be curtailed a bit and we learn to adhere to the 6 metre rule.  
  • We are planning to hold another training week in Scotland next year.  Dates will be 4-11 Jun and all in fees are around £300 each.  AWTC students only, please let your Instructor know if you are interested.
  • Matt Trevett has setup an AWTC Taekwondo page on website to run concurrent with this one.  Feel free to add to it.
  • Congratulations to Mr Jason King on passing his 1st Dan with his new Club in Cornwall.  
  • Mr G MANNERS has had to close his clubs in Esher & Hersham temporarily after landing job as a Diving Instructor in Bali for two years.  He will be back and we wish him well.  We are waiting to hear about our 'new' overseas club.
  • Mr A RODNEY has moved out to the green spacess of Devizes.  His Greenwich club is now being mentored by Master L AJIBODE.
  • As of June 2010 WTF Taekwondo was admitted as a recognised Category 2 sport into the Commonwealth Games.

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